Lewis Jewel Kingsville, ON

by Canadian Masonic Supply Shop on June 9, 2013

Lewis Jewel to Kingsville, ON

Shipping Lewis Jewel to Kingsville, ON

Precisely what is a Masonic Lewis?
The moniker “Lewis” is a symbolic representation of strength, a man’s strength being simply expressed in his son, Lewis is actually the son of a Mason. The Lewis Jewel is composed of a couple of bars attached by chains – The upper bar has the full name of the father and day of his Instatement.
Exactly how was an operative Lewis operated?

The Lewis is a device that permits a working Freemason to hoist large stoneworks to the required elevation and set them in place with safety and fidelity.

Masonic Lewis Jewel Kingsville, ON?

Are you looking to have a Masonic Lewis Jewel shipped to Kingsville, ON?

The Canadian Masonic Supply Shop delivers the following types Lewis Jewels to Kingsville, ON:

  • Lewis Jewel – 2 Bar
  • Lewis Jewel – 3 Bar
  • Lewis Jewel – 4 Bar
  • Lewis Jewel – 5 Bar

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