Lewis Jewel Martensville, SK

by Canadian Masonic Supply Shop on June 9, 2013

Lewis Jewel to Martensville, SK

Shipping Lewis Jewel to Martensville, SK

Exactly what is a Masonic Lewis?
A Lewis is really the son of a Freemason who comes to be a member of the Craft. The moniker “Lewis” is a sign of strength, a man’s strength being simply exemplified in his son, Lewis is the son of a Freemason. The Lewis Jewel incorporates 2 bars linked up by chains – The high bar has the full name of the father and date of his Induction. The lower bar, the full name of the son and moment of his Inception.
Exactly how was an operative Lewis utilized?

The Lewis is an instrument which makes it possible for a working Freemason to raise enormous stones to the requested level and set these in place with safe practice and fidelity.

Masonic Lewis Jewel Martensville, SK?

Are you looking to have a Masonic Lewis Jewel shipped to Martensville, SK?

The Canadian Masonic Supply Shop offers the following types Lewis Jewels to Martensville, SK:

  • Lewis Jewel – 2 Bar
  • Lewis Jewel – 3 Bar
  • Lewis Jewel – 4 Bar
  • Lewis Jewel – 5 Bar

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